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Our Mission


Helping Girls achieve their goals in technology through support, enrichment, and positive structure. We provide educational materials and scholarships for girls in lower income areas to pursue careers in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to sew seeds that will bridge the economic wealth gap and advance girls in underprivileged communities. At T&T Girls Scholarship Foundation, we believe in making dreams come true. Our non-profit organization offers individuals a chance to improve their lives. We strive to assist as many individuals as possible fulfill their dreams with our contributions.



Born and raised on the westside of Atlanta Georgia life was everything but peachy. I grew up seeing my mom work very hard to put food on the table. I attended Frederick Douglass High School. Upon High school graduation I had a daughter. I enrolled at Interactive College of Technology and managed to complete 1 year before deciding to drop out. My focus was providing for my daughter. Through out the years I overcame many obstacles and in 2017 decided to become an entrepreneur. I launched The Glamour Ave LLC in 2017 in Alpharetta Ga. I found a passion for servicing women. But I always wanted to do so much more by giving back to young girls from lower income communities just like the one I grew up in.


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